Finally done

Well, I’m out of class now. Bouncy ball game went pretty well.

If you want to learn C++, I would give yourself more than 5 weeks to make a project in it. It was crazy.

All in all it was a good ride and I learned a lot. I really think this last semester will help me in my career. I met a great mentor, made some projects that I’m super proud of, and got a couple job opportunities.

So I guess this is it IADT. It was one hell of a ride.

If you want to check out that game when I put it up and all other projects, go to



Senior Game Project 9/18/14

Just giving an update on my learning C++. I have put a lot of time into this project so far and I feel like there is not a lot to show for it because so much of it is just understanding what the heck is going on. Since I have been used to Unity and C# where everything is pre-made for you, using Visual Studio Express and C++ it is so different. You have to set up the right folders and link them properly as well as initialize and load certain things including basic functions.

So far in my project, I have Allegro working fine and now I have my ball show up on screen (which is much more difficult than you can imagine) and now I’m working on keyboard inputs. I asked my mentor and even he was unsure because of how much Allegro changes, but I think I have it working and can move forward quickly now.

Senior Game Project 9/11/14

So right now, I am doing my senior game project as my last class of college.

The scope is that I am making a remake of my bouncy ball game, but this time it is in C++!

C++ is something that I have never been taught at this school and it could really be important for my career.

My mentor Daniel Soltyka is helping me with this, but for the most part it is me teaching myself.


As of now, Week 3, I have a general understanding and have done some test tutorials and I think I kind of get it. Took a long time to get Allegro and C++ working but I am golden now. Learning a new language is crazy. You’d think that C# would help but it really doesn’t much.

Just started on the actual bouncy ball game part and I will update when the time comes.


Update 7/10/2014

It has been a while. For anyone interested, I am currently finishing my last couple terms for school. 11 weeks to go.


I am finishing a game called Accidental BadAss right now with classmates. There are three of us. I do a lot for it right now, programming, technical art, level design, character design, and stuff like that. It will be finished this time next week.

I’ve kind of come to a hiatus on my other projects, like the bouncy ball game and touching up older projects. I have been doing much more for my portfolio.

I have been fixing up my website,, getting a finalized business card, doing some mock interviews (as well as some real ones!) and just kind of getting a package together that represents me.

In other news, I have been ABSOLUTELY LOVING the World Cup. I wish it was sooner than every 4 years, but it is tradition, so I get it. Still at Best Buy as a Microsoft Consultant but recent opportunities have given me hope that I may move up in the world in the near future based on a few options.


My website will be the main source of updates since I forget to do this a lot, but I will keep doing it every once in a while for future employers or friends to look at.


Keep it Sleazy. And I’m out.

Progress Report 10/24/2013

Right now I am currently working on two projects.

I am doing a solo project recreating the Bouncy Ball game in 3D using Unity as well as a project with a classmate, Nick Graff, where we will be doing a series of carnival games for fun; I will call that project Carnival Games.


Currently in Bouncy Ball 3d, I have the code working for the ball’s movement and for spikes instantiating themselves out. I tried to implement a health system and it got messed up when I changed a lot around. As of right now, that project is at a stand-still until I get the urge to go back and fix it.

ART: Pretty standard right now. No background or real textures yet.

CODE: I would say about halfway done depending on what kind of power-ups, if any, I want.



Currently in Carnival Games, we are working on the High Striker game. Nick has completed models for everything but the hammer. Right now the code is at a point where the puck goes up when an object (the hammer eventually) hits the lever based on the magnitude of the hammer. We have to discuss whether it will have certain animations or whether it should just use physics. What will happen is that the hammer will rise as the player hits different button combinations and the power will be calculated when a timer reaches 0 and then the magnitude will be calculated based on how high the hammer was raised.

ART: No textures have been made.

MODELING: All models but hammer completed. No objects are unwrapped yet.

CODE: Basic code is done, still needs menus, difficulty, and button combinations.