Monthly Archives: July 2014

Update 7/10/2014

It has been a while. For anyone interested, I am currently finishing my last couple terms for school. 11 weeks to go.


I am finishing a game called Accidental BadAss right now with classmates. There are three of us. I do a lot for it right now, programming, technical art, level design, character design, and stuff like that. It will be finished this time next week.

I’ve kind of come to a hiatus on my other projects, like the bouncy ball game and touching up older projects. I have been doing much more for my portfolio.

I have been fixing up my website,, getting a finalized business card, doing some mock interviews (as well as some real ones!) and just kind of getting a package together that represents me.

In other news, I have been ABSOLUTELY LOVING the World Cup. I wish it was sooner than every 4 years, but it is tradition, so I get it. Still at Best Buy as a Microsoft Consultant but recent opportunities have given me hope that I may move up in the world in the near future based on a few options.


My website will be the main source of updates since I forget to do this a lot, but I will keep doing it every once in a while for future employers or friends to look at.


Keep it Sleazy. And I’m out.