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Progress Report 10/24/2013

Right now I am currently working on two projects.

I am doing a solo project recreating the Bouncy Ball game in 3D using Unity as well as a project with a classmate, Nick Graff, where we will be doing a series of carnival games for fun; I will call that project Carnival Games.


Currently in Bouncy Ball 3d, I have the code working for the ball’s movement and for spikes instantiating themselves out. I tried to implement a health system and it got messed up when I changed a lot around. As of right now, that project is at a stand-still until I get the urge to go back and fix it.

ART: Pretty standard right now. No background or real textures yet.

CODE: I would say about halfway done depending on what kind of power-ups, if any, I want.



Currently in Carnival Games, we are working on the High Striker game. Nick has completed models for everything but the hammer. Right now the code is at a point where the puck goes up when an object (the hammer eventually) hits the lever based on the magnitude of the hammer. We have to discuss whether it will have certain animations or whether it should just use physics. What will happen is that the hammer will rise as the player hits different button combinations and the power will be calculated when a timer reaches 0 and then the magnitude will be calculated based on how high the hammer was raised.

ART: No textures have been made.

MODELING: All models but hammer completed. No objects are unwrapped yet.

CODE: Basic code is done, still needs menus, difficulty, and button combinations.